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My contribution to yesterday’s debate on #Palestine…

Yesterday’s announcement let the Trans community down. When I asked @trussliz whether the 3 new gender clinics promised were the 3 pilot services committed by the previous Government or whether it was a new investment, no answer was forthcoming.

Despite being on the call list, there wasn’t enough time for everyone to get called on during yesterday’s heavily subscribed and important backbench debate on support for the aviation industry. #NewportEast constituents can read a copy of my speech here 👉…

Following many heart-breaking emails from devastated students following yesterday’s #AlevelResults debacle, I have written to the Minister for School Standards to ask that the Governement extend the same trust to state school teachers as they have to teachers in private schools.

Andy McDonald MP (Labour) tweeted :

Yesterday’s voting debacle was dangerous, discriminatory & anti-democratic. How Tory MPs could have the audacity to say it went well is beyond parody. Government must take its Health & Safety responsibilities seriously. People aren't going to have any confidence until they do.