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RT @RobWilson_RDG: Wasn't Ed Balls telling us to follow Obama economics to solve economic crisis? Unemployment in US is, eh hum, on the ...

RT @NinaGleams: If I wasn't a pregnant full time mum I'd apply to be @stellacreasy's assistant and sort her Excel issues out. Yes I stil ...

RT @NootkaRose1: @nathancullen @PeggyNashNDP @MeganLeslieMP Thank you for fighting the good fight! Wish it wasn't a fight we needed to have.

Dany Morin (unknown) replied to @robsalerno :

@robsalerno My game plan hasn't changed. I told the media in my riding that I'd vote for Thomas if Peggy wasn't on the final ballot.

RT @mpandnotanmp: Cameron isn't answering @KeeleyMP - wasn't that sort of evasion what he used to criticise?

On train to London. Thought weather was bucking up in Colwyn Bay, then I reached Rhyl and decided it wasn't.

Thank God Keith Vaz wasn't staying with Stephenson at Champneys. Couldn't have coped with that.

@Thoughtsofoscar it wasn't the typo; I was just wondering who the nonce was!

No. RNLI don't wasn't public money. Hospice only wants minority support. Favourite charities in this area.

@ChairmanAl we all know that wasn't why he was released