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RT @acoyne: I’ve been rereading Justin Trudeau’s launch speech. It’s a little long, so I’ve edited it down to the essentials. http://t.c ...

RT @acoyne: I’ve never seen Mulcair better, in fact.

RT @IainDale: New Blog by me: Proof That UKIP May Cost Labour Seats (Especially in Wales) in May 2015: I’ve spent the last c...…

RT @chhcalling: I’ve got a joke about 2nd class stamps, but I don't know how long it would take before you got it.

RT @PerryMarshall: One of the best practical defenses of capitalism I’ve seen…

I’ve just created my “CHANGE EUROPE, VOTE GREEN.” campaign poster! #VoteGreen #EP2014 #EU14 #EP14 #digitalrights

« Mon pays c’est l’hiver », but I’ve to got to say I’m looking forward to some better weather. #whenisspringhere

RT @toadmeister: I’ve just downloaded @DanHannanMEP’s Eurosceptic app

@jamiescrappan You’re confusing me with someone else! I’ve never participated in the Highland Games; those cabers way too heavy

Thomas Mulcair (NDP) tweeted :

On PEI today to meet supporters. I’ve now visited all ten Canadian provinces –a first in the #ndpldr race!