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Welsh Labour MP for Cardiff North, Environmental Audit Select Cttee, vice chair APPG Climate Change, People’s Vote campaign


Labour AM 4 Torfaen. Chair@SeneddCYPE Proud Remainer. Passionate about suicide prevention & children and young people’s mental health #SaveYoungLives

Geoff Regan (Liberal) retweeted @acoyne :

RT @acoyne: .@kady I really can’t be bothered dealing with your dismissive attitude to other people’s dismissiviness.

James Moore (unknown) retweeted @acoyne :

RT @acoyne: Bob Rae, Ujjal Dosanjh, Romeo Dallaire, Lloyd Axworthy: all these far-right, Harperites who want to send other people’s kids to…

The Economist | Gay people’s rights: Tainting love…

Dr Manmohan Singh (india) tweeted :

PM: The expansion of telecom connectivity in our urban areas and later, in our rural areas, has improved people’s lives in a major way.

Dr Manmohan Singh (india) tweeted :

PM's remarks today-… "I have enormous confidence in our people’s ability to deal with challenges at home."

Vijay Goel (india) tweeted :

It's time we do away with these obsolete provisions of Land Reforms Act to make people’s life in Delhi villages easier.

Vijay Goel (india) tweeted :

The trend of other parties's leaders joining BJP reflects people’s growing belief that BJP is the only credible alternative to Congress.

Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour) retweeted @T3SC :

RT @T3SC: Tameside Council is looking to redesign its library service and wishes to seek people’s views on a new model: ...

RT @sarah_eyebrows: @shelaghfinlay @KarlTurnerMP try living among it! Though am proud to admit we are very last house in The People’s Re ...