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Member of Parliament in SA Parliament.

RT @RM_UCU: @Meg_HillierMP supporting #loveFE lobby of Parliament to defend lifelong learning from 24% cuts.

RT @MarkAdlerMP: #Toronto Today in Parliament I welcomed PM Netanyahu & Condemned Israel Apartheid Week

RT @ToryTreasury: On @BBCBreakfast Ed Balls just said 'yes' there will still be a deficit at the end of the parliament under Labour

RT @SafeGov: EU Parliament member Tremosa: "I'm not against Google or any other US company, I'm simply against monopoly"…

RT @visitscunthorpe: Article published by @Lawrence_rayner about Young Member of Parliament and Young Mayor voting in local schools/coll ...

@VE3ZKS @OrilliaPacket I wouldn't believe the rumours. They are "a dime - a dozen" around Parliament Hill.

The other was the presentation of the MP's and Senators plaques of the 40th Parliament.

@VE3ZKS @CPAC_TV I don't think I have encountered a constituent as dedicated as you to following the work of our Parliament.

Nathan Cullen (NDP) retweeted @JsrSmith :

RT @JsrSmith: Unpaid Interns Bill: Parliament Debates NDP Push For Stiffer Protections… #cdnpoli #canlab #youngworkers

Jo Leinen (EU) retweeted @sandraqst :

RT @sandraqst: EMI-President @jo_leinen MdEP in the Latvian Parliament. Helsinki Accords & OSCE 40 Years.What now? @EiropasKustiba http://t…