All deleted tweets from politicians

Geoff Regan (Liberal) tweeted :

In today’s budget, @pmharper’s priority is a $2 billion dollar tax break for the rich, but 85% of Canadians will never see a dime. #CdnPoli

Today I have launched a $2 million ‘Youth Enterprise Fund’, aimed at helping today’s young people become...

Today’s @IRC report on #Syria makes very clear why needs of women & girls must not be forgotten in conflicts

Growth-driven with an emphasis on Infrastructure, today’s budget was precisely what the country needs.

Best wishes to all those in participating in today’s #PrideinLondon parade. Have a great day! #FreedomTo

Dr Manmohan Singh (india) tweeted :

Today’s event is yet another demonstration of our Government’s prioritisation of the health sector since 2004. PM

Dr Manmohan Singh (india) tweeted :

Lord Mahavir’s message of ahimsa and kindness to all nature’s creations is very relevant in today’s world.

Politicians need to put themselves in the shoes of battlers - My opinion piece in today’s Daily Telegraph.

Lois Brown (unknown) tweeted :

Wonderful to see @LaureenHarper at today’s Mom-Mentum event. Canada leading the way in #SavingLives #MCNH @CAN_MNCH

Discussing today’s news about Qantas, the Budget, Newspoll and Craig Thompson on Sky News AM Agenda.