All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Elin_A_Roberts: RT @Elin_A_Roberts: Feel the love, Scotland. Feel the love. #bbcqt

RT @Chris72600702: RT @Chris72600702: So there we have it, Labour support nuclear weapons. #bbcqt

RT @peoplesNHSni: RT @peoplesNHSni: "We cant have people loafing about doing nothing expecting the state to fund their lifestyles" Lord Freud #bbcqt #nhs htt…

RT @unapurdie: RT @unapurdie: #bbcqt always leaves me wishing I hadn't.

RT @toadmeister: RT @toadmeister: Say what you like about @OwenJones, but he’s got his finger on the pulse of the British electorate #bbcqt…

RT @Leann_27: RT @Leann_27: Kezia has accepted that Labour is not going to do well in the #GE2015 #bbcqt

RT @A_D_McLean: RT @A_D_McLean: Well done David, correcting @MelanieLatest on Greece and EU and Euro, unfortunately she carried on regardless #bbcqt

In a minute we will be pausing #bbcqt for a 'duck and cover' drill...

Duncan Bannatyne should just respond to every question by saying 'you haven't got a business here, it's preposterous, I'm out' #bbcqt

Kick the claimants klaxon #bbcqt