All deleted tweets from politicians

LibDem MEPs (EU) tweeted :

Only Lib Dems have are standing up to UKIP and for British jobs and for an open, tolerant society #europeanelections

LibDem MEPs (EU) tweeted :

@LNot sure who to vote for? It's quite simple really: #UseYourVote #europeanelections

LibDem MEPs (EU) tweeted :

We'vecut the cost of data roaming in Europe by 80%, now we want to abolish roaming fees altogether #europeanelections

RT @mandreasen: RT @mandreasen: Watch my video as to why UKiP are not the answer. # Europeanelections #eu #ukip #Conservatives…

Sean Kelly MEP (EU) retweeted @RayOBEng :

RT @RayOBEng: RT @RayOBEng: I'm being lectured on #EuropeanElections by a 11 month old, she has a plan @SeanKellyMEP @FineGael