All deleted tweets from politicians

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

Pao says too many ‘women feel like there’s no way to win’…

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

Obama on basic research: "I know there’s bipartisan support in this chamber” US Republicans 4 sci funding. #CPC what r u waiting for? #SOTU

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: Some pols just tweet about “thanks to the local volunteers.” Then there’s @kenneyjason.

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: If not, then all we are left with is that she was responsible for bringing the story to light -- not that there’s no story.

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: Look, there’s no contradiction in taking two opposing pos’ns at the same time. For example, I mock the Liberals but also feel s…