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RT @annaturley: Very pleased with today’s verdict, and to be able to say that I have won my libel action against Unite the Union and Skwawkbox. My full statement:

RT @JournoStephen: A hugely important story in today’s Scottish Daily Mail from my colleague @GrahamGGrant. Scottish Jews are urging Nicola Sturgeon not to abandon them by putting Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street. The SNP leader should be facing far more questions about this than she is.

RT @tradegovuk: Oita prefecture is famous for its hot springs, and things are heating 🔥 up between Wales & Fiji before today’s 🏉 match. Cool your nerves with a round of Trade Trumps 👇​ #RWCOita #RWC2019 #WALvFIJ

RT @labour_history: Cracking anecdote attributed to Alan Johnson in today’s Times. Why Labour heartland Kingston upon Hull elected a Conservative Mayor in 1942 👇🏼

RT @WatchChad: RT @WatchChad: The aftermath of today’s climate change gathering in Hyde Park.

RT @Kevin_Maguire: “BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT” message in the top and bottom lines of today’s Guardian cryptic crossword is genius by setter Philisitne. My brainy comrade @JBeattieMirror completed it but I’ve left squares blank to avoid running ithe fun completely for other geeks 😀

RT @wgmin_finance: Today’s Spending Round does not even return our spending power to the levels of a decade ago. The Welsh Government budget for 2020-21 will be £300m lower in real terms compared with 2010-11.

RT @kimbakit: The Morrison economy is slowing📉 to a standstill as today’s national accounts show... #auspol Over 6 years "Liberals" have 📈doubled federal govt debt, 🧐watched prices soar while wages fell behind & have 🤷🏻‍♂️no credible plan to get economy moving again…

Emma Wallrup (sweden) retweeted @UNFCCC :

RT @UNFCCC: Indigenous peoples are stewards of the environment. On today’s #IndigenousPeoplesDay, @UNFCCC celebrates the role of indigenous peoples in tackling #climatechange > #IndigenousDay #LACClimateWeek.

RT @JDMSnider: I am reflecting on today’s inspiring announcement of the Inuit-led protection of Tuvaijuittuq Marine Protected Area. A massive 300,000 km2 site in the high arctic of Nunavut, Canada off the coast of Ellesmere Island...