All deleted tweets from politicians

Shambolic #FMQs from@Nicola Sturgeon as she refuses to answer questions on the Salmond Inquiry. She’s clearly rattled about having to answer to the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament about what is going on in her government and her party.

Well done to Livingston Olympian, Elise Christie for speaking so openly about the anxiety and depression she’s faced. Hope articles like this can help us all further address stigma around mental health.…

RT @hiddendoorarts: “F*ck Brexit, I’m moving to Scotland” says @nadineshah - we think she’s rather enjoying her first time playing in our fair city :) #HiddenDoor

15.) Someone I know this week told me about a friend who works in Glenrothes hospital. She’s looking for a new job. So are lots of staff because they are absolutely terrified of the future.

@theipaper @brianjaffa A million wee weans wi Natch boxes say ‘naw she’s no’

RT @Leanne_Dobson: Can we all agree that asking a woman if she’s been the victim of sexual harassment is definitely not okay? Well handled, @MareeToddSNP