All deleted tweets from politicians



Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. If you’re a constituent please email

Peter Whittle

London AM Brexit Alliance @BrexitAssembly Founder & Director @NewCultureForum. Author. Who's Who 2020 Host & Producer of So What You’re Saying Is...view

@MarjaLubeck You’re like a parody of yourself

@cameronbagrie @NewshubNationNZ @NZGreens @nzdrug Kia ora Cameron. You’re an economist. You understand markets, and therefore you understand incentives, compliance costs, regulations & the impact they can have on behaviour. I’d recommend researching how these apply to reduce harm when we sensible legally regulate cannabis.

@gonzoguzzi @Paul_Kasner Why don’t you link bro? Because actually you’re talking about random quotes he took out of the media...again the answer to that is: if you know nothing about my family’s case, that has been investigated under NZ law, you’re just a terrible person intent to harassing refugees