All deleted tweets from politicians

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

#bbcqt How do you turn the #Irish border into a #Customs border (as the government wants) after #brexit and not have customs checks? The whole of Europe wants to know!

Jeroen Lenaers (EU) tweeted :

Wat is BBC Question Time toch een heerlijk programma. Zouden we zoiets niet in Nederland kunnen doen? Echte thema's, echte discussies.#bbcqt

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

#bbcqt It's worth remembering what #brexit supporting ministers promised during the #Referendum campaign - to STAY in the singlemarket

RT @TheGreenParty: RT @TheGreenParty: #BBCQT gave UKIP a spot tonight even though they don’t have an MP - RT if you want them to #InviteTheGreens next time

RT @ThomasEvansGB: #BBCQT Sorry I have to ask. Why are Question Time inviting a SNP MP to a non-Scottish episode, a week before an episode of QT in Scotland?

RT @TheGreenParty: RT @TheGreenParty: “Junior doctors are working 7 days a week already.” @CarolineLucas #bbcqt

RT @bbcquestiontime: RT @bbcquestiontime: Caroline Lucas believes that there should be the chance to vote on the terms of Brexit #bbcqt

RT @bbcquestiontime: RT @bbcquestiontime: Would Brexit mean £18bn of welfare cuts and tax rises? #bbcqt

RT @UKLabourIN: RT @UKLabourIN: The Leave campaign is trying to mislead and scare voters about Turkey joining the EU - Britain has a veto. #bbcqt https://t…

RT @politicalhackuk: RT @politicalhackuk: Daniel Hannan thinks the NHS is a bad idea. Not sure I'll trust him on the EU. #bbcqt