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RT @profsked: National intelligence agencies are furious that May’s approval of Huawei input into our 5G system has been leaked. The presumption is that it was done to bolster the leadership claims of a Tory rival. It is the first leak from the National Security Council and heads should roll.

RT @SamuelStolton: French @EmmanuelMacron presser @EUCouncil #EUCO just confirmed: BREXIT EXTENSION TIMELINE: If May’s MV3 is approved next week, the UK will have an extension until May 22. If May’s MV3 is rejected, the UK will have an extension until April 12.

Gerard Batten MEP (EU) tweeted :

Constitutional crisis: Remainer Speaker prevents Remainer May’s ‘Not Really Leaving Deal’ being voted on. He want’s EU to extend Art 50 indefinitely. How ironic it will be if EU refuses & we are forced out by default on 29th. A majority of Parliament are utter traitors.

RT @BBCBreaking: UK MPs vote against Theresa May’s revised EU withdrawal deal by 391 to 242, throwing #Brexit plans into confusion #BrexitVote latest:

James Carver MEP (EU) retweeted @montie :

RT @montie: If parliament passes an amended version of May’s Withdrawal Agreement with backstop diluted/removed it’ll be a big deal however the EU responds. The UK will FINALLY have agreed position and voters will see an uncompromising EU as the villain, rather than a dysfunctional Conmons

Roger Helmer (EU) tweeted :

Kiss of death — Juncker has written to MPs pleading with them to approve May’s deal next week. If that doesn’t seal its fate, not

Linda McAvan MEP (EU) tweeted :

📺Here’s my reaction to Theresa May’s #Brexit deal on BBC Sunday Politics Live this month. I was asked if the chaos in Westminster is matched in Brussels - not at all. Westminster is paralysed by Brexit but the work of the #EU goes on. Watch here 👉#BBCSP

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @LiamHalligan :

RT @LiamHalligan: My take in today’s @Telegraph “I admire May’s grit but she is trading on a false prospectus” “This ‘deal’ gives EU both the incentive and power to lock UK into a deeply disadvantageous arrangement“ “It isn’t too late. On the contrary, most of this negotiation has yet to begin”

Steven Woolfe MEP (EU) tweeted :

My verdict on Theresa May’s draft agreement.…

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

Interesting take from @mikeBuckley on the DUP and #NorthernIreland dimensions of May’s #BrexitChaos…