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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @PeterMurrell: RT @PeterMurrell: “Scotland is not for Brexit, Scotland is for Europe”: @NicolaSturgeon #Marr #VoteSNP

RT @GavinLundy: All I can think is that Scotland deserves so much better. The No-confidence vote may not pass, and it's unclear what a general election will achieve. For some reason, I'm reminded of @faisalislam speaking about @NicolaSturgeon the morning after the EU referendum. #BrexitVote

How dare the UK establishment treat Scotland with such disrespect and disregard!!…

The idea from PM May that Scotland should take it or leave it is totally at odds with devolution and the powers of the Scottish Parliament. Any MSP in Scotland not defending the Scottish Parliament ought to reconsider their position…

2/... and not a single Scottish Tory amongst the rebels prepared to stand up for #Scotland #EUWithdrawalBill #brexitshambles @theSNP @DundeeSNP #Brexit

The Union dividend was always only bluff and bluster. Scotland can only ever be best served by the people of Scotland themselves. #Scotref…

@cashley_ade @Charliemalone5 @GerryHassan @theSNP @CllrAlexander Dundee is the envy not only of Scotland but the whole of the UK as its being transformed for all by @theSNP leaving labour carping as usual

RT @theSNP: 🎥 We're working hard to make Scotland the best country it can be. Here's how we've done that since 2007. #VoteSNP

RT @HannahB4LiviMP: RT @HannahB4LiviMP: Yaaaaaaaaas Scotland yaaaaas!!! #SCOPOR!!!

Girls and women in Scotland who can't afford tampons will be given them free in the first scheme of its kind in the world. #Progressive…