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RT @digvijaya_28: Market Loss of 12 Lakh Crore as Modi government Modi 2.0 completed 50 days second term stock exchange BSE- मोदी सरकार के…

RT @TomaszSiemoniak: Stępka 2.0 premiera Morawieckiego teraz nazywa się tak: "Podpisanie listu intencyjnego w sprawie wyrażenia woli współp…

Satish Upadhyay (india) tweeted :

Modi 2.0: मंत्रिमंडल गठन के साथ PM ने पूरा किया वादा, पहली बार बना जलशक्ति मंत्रालय… #ModiCabinet2

Make no mistake, this is Labor’s big new energy tax - carbon tax 2.0 but just much bigger. They can’t keep hiding it. #auspol

@PhilAldrick Conservative supporters of Common Market 2.0 all voted for the PM’s deal last time and will again next time. It’s the hardline Brexiters in the ERG you are stopping it going through.

@Curious_Chak @UKLabour CM 2.0 doesnt conform to either our six tests or five pillars. So yes, it does.

.@bbcnickrobinson bbcnickrobinson - a key point of clarification: Common Market 2.0 does NOT propose a customs “union” but Singke Market membership and a customs arrangement. This was a point of difference in our discussions with Jeremy Corbyn. (I could have explained earlier!)

@saycheeselouise Thanks - hadn’theard of Greens 2.0 and no, the Electoral Commission wouldn’t register a party with a similar name or logo.

RT @oletwinofficial: Hope No 10 has noticed Labour‘s official support for something strikingly like Common Market 2.0/Norway Plus. This is…