All deleted tweets from politicians

Richard Burgon (Labour) tweeted :

In his performance on #bbcqt the Prime Minister did clear up at least one thing. Everyone now know understands why he’s pulled out of Sunday’s head-to-head Channel 4 debate with Jeremy.

Jo Swinson (UKMPs) retweeted @LibDems :

RT @LibDems: CONFIRMED: Jeremy Corbyn would NOT back Remain in a People's Vote. #BBCQT Remainers deserve a leader who will fight for them. That's @joswinson and the Liberal Democrats. Back our campaign to #StopBrexit now👇

Jo Swinson (UKMPs) retweeted @LibDems :

RT @LibDems: Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson and his disastrous Brexit. #BBCQT. Back the biggest party of Remain - join our fight to stop Brexit👇

Outstanding performance from @NicolaSturgeon on #bbcqt she ia an outstanding leader in sharp contrast to @BorisJohnson and @jeremycorbyn. We are blessed to have her, she will lead Scotland to independence and a brighter future, escaping Brexit.

Lady in the audience- Just to sya, if you give people on zero hours contract holiday and sick pay it is not a zero hour contract..... #bbcqt

RT @brexitparty_uk: RT @brexitparty_uk: .@MarkReckless: Another vote on leaving the EU would ‘undermine democracy’ #bbcqt

RT @campbellclaret: Farage and John Mills on BBCQT together, as Marr books Farage for 3 days later. Now @heidiallen75 dropped from a popular BBC satire show because of impartiality rules. There is something seriously sick going on inside the @bbc and has been throughout Brexit process

RT @WingsScotland: Can now confirm that Billy The Bigot has in fact made speaking appearances on at least FOUR episodes of #bbcqt.

Mandy Jones AM (wales) retweeted @tomhfh :

RT @tomhfh: RT @tomhfh: Commentariat, meet country. #bbcqt

#BBCQT Tory MP says people are "bored to back teeth with the issue" of Brexit and "move on" .... Folk sadly will not be bored for long when the calamity happens. Hence Scotland must catch up with Mairead's Ireland #bbcqt