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RT @campbellclaret: Farage and John Mills on BBCQT together, as Marr books Farage for 3 days later. Now @heidiallen75 dropped from a popula…

RT @WingsScotland: Can now confirm that Billy The Bigot has in fact made speaking appearances on at least FOUR episodes of #bbcqt. https://…

Mandy Jones AM (wales) retweeted @tomhfh :

RT @tomhfh: Commentariat, meet country. #bbcqt

#BBCQT Tory MP says people are "bored to back teeth with the issue" of Brexit and "move on" .... Folk sadly will not be bored for long when the calamity happens. Hence Scotland must catch up with Mairead's Ireland #bbcqt

Grahame Morris (Labour) tweeted :

My friend @AndyMcDonaldMP “Bring it on- I would have that election any day” 👏👏👏#bbcqt #LabourWin

RT @EddieBarnes23: Haven't heard so much good sense from @theSNP benches in ages #bbcqt…

RT @theSNP: .@Feorlean: "It has failed. Lives have been put at risk and continue to be put at risk because of #UniversalCredit." #bbcqt

Now is the time to be talking about raising living standards and making Scotland better #bbcqt

RT @bbcquestiontime: And completing our #bbcqt panel for Thursday is @KateForbesMSP for @TheSNP

Yemen - let's not talk about it #bbcqt