All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DavidLammy: RT @DavidLammy: We know what Donald Trump is up to. Stand up to it. #BBCQT

Richard Burgon (Labour) tweeted :

In his performance on #bbcqt the Prime Minister did clear up at least one thing. Everyone now know understands why he’s pulled out of Sunday’s head-to-head Channel 4 debate with Jeremy.

Jo Swinson (UKMPs) retweeted @LibDems :

RT @LibDems: CONFIRMED: Jeremy Corbyn would NOT back Remain in a People's Vote. #BBCQT Remainers deserve a leader who will fight for them. That's @joswinson and the Liberal Democrats. Back our campaign to #StopBrexit now👇

Jo Swinson (UKMPs) retweeted @LibDems :

RT @LibDems: Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson and his disastrous Brexit. #BBCQT. Back the biggest party of Remain - join our fight to stop Brexit👇

Outstanding performance from @NicolaSturgeon on #bbcqt she ia an outstanding leader in sharp contrast to @BorisJohnson and @jeremycorbyn. We are blessed to have her, she will lead Scotland to independence and a brighter future, escaping Brexit.

Lady in the audience- Just to sya, if you give people on zero hours contract holiday and sick pay it is not a zero hour contract..... #bbcqt

RT @brexitparty_uk: RT @brexitparty_uk: .@MarkReckless: Another vote on leaving the EU would ‘undermine democracy’ #bbcqt

RT @campbellclaret: Farage and John Mills on BBCQT together, as Marr books Farage for 3 days later. Now @heidiallen75 dropped from a popular BBC satire show because of impartiality rules. There is something seriously sick going on inside the @bbc and has been throughout Brexit process

RT @WingsScotland: Can now confirm that Billy The Bigot has in fact made speaking appearances on at least FOUR episodes of #bbcqt.

Mandy Jones AM (wales) retweeted @tomhfh :

RT @tomhfh: RT @tomhfh: Commentariat, meet country. #bbcqt