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I don’t know where the limits are, but I would like to go there.


Conservative candidate for Chesham and Amersham all enquiries to don’t forget to vote for Cheryl on 12 December 2019

RT @CIVALLISupport: @CExtraction They think it’s a vote winner -making every house warmer - they don’t have a clue on this one ...

9 years of Mamata Banerjee in #Bengal All in 68 seconds. Don’t blink ! WATCH

RT @mikegalsworthy: And don’t forget BBC Breakfast this week too... And BBC Question Time next week, apparently. Whether he’s “returning…

RT @GretaThunberg: "The numbers don’t lie, and the science is clear. If anyone tells you, 'This is part of a normal cycle' or 'We’ve had fi…

Mark Tami (Labour) tweeted :

Polling Day is on December 12th but you don’t need to wait until then to help kick the Tories out. Request a postal vote today 👉 #StandingUpForWales #RealChange

I don’t know how long it will be until I ‘ok boomer’ Minister for Youth Richard Colbeck but it’s going to be pretty soon. Also I’m not one of the teens but love this. Thanks teens.

RT @jkenney: Albertans are proud to have contributed so much to our fellow Canadians. But please don’t turn around and attack us for not ho…

@LindsayPB @ComradeCeeCee Don’t you know you can’t beat a good gen election before a good seen of physical ed? 😛

@MaxwellJabu2kk @kunta_j Lol. You don’t know me 😉😏

RT @PaulJSweeney: WATCH: For all their bluster, the Tories know this deal is unacceptable. That’s why they don’t want it scrutinised by Par…