All deleted tweets from politicians

Faisal Rashid (UKMPs) tweeted :

We must stand up to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal which will sell off our NHS to US companies in free trade agreement. We have seen the secret documents outcome of secret talks. Please save our NHS! #VoteFaisal #VoteLabourDecember12

Mary Creagh (Labour) tweeted :

On Marr Johnson’s unwillingness to discuss his chats with EU leaders shows his way out of #Bennbill safeguards. He sends letter as requested & a country blocks extension. True collaboration against your own sovereign Parliament.

Thelma Walker MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Johnson’s spending promises won’t provide our public services with the investment they desperately need but will double our deficit. It’s a short-term election stunt. Only Labour have a responsible, costed and socially just plan for rebuilding Britain…

@tnewtondunn It’s almost like the world doesn’t revolve around Britain and Boris Johnson’s ego - or how cheerleaders

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