All deleted tweets from politicians

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

My first exchange in Parliament was with Rory Stewart on Horn Lane pollution. Nice chap but - voted for May’s Brexit deal 3x - his new ambition oozes Etonian aristocratic entitlement The best qualified person for London Mayor is anti-Brexit son of a taxi driver @SadiqKhan

RT @profsked: National intelligence agencies are furious that May’s approval of Huawei input into our 5G system has been leaked. The presumption is that it was done to bolster the leadership claims of a Tory rival. It is the first leak from the National Security Council and heads should roll.

RT @PickardJE: May’s deal defeated by 58 votes, but it’s now the most popular option in Commons: May’s Deal 286 Second Referendum 268 Customs Union 264 Labour plan 237 Revocation 184 Common Market 2.0 188 No Deal 160 Malthouse B 139 EEA 65

RT @SamuelStolton: French @EmmanuelMacron presser @EUCouncil #EUCO just confirmed: BREXIT EXTENSION TIMELINE: If May’s MV3 is approved next week, the UK will have an extension until May 22. If May’s MV3 is rejected, the UK will have an extension until April 12.

Gerard Batten MEP (EU) tweeted :

Constitutional crisis: Remainer Speaker prevents Remainer May’s ‘Not Really Leaving Deal’ being voted on. He want’s EU to extend Art 50 indefinitely. How ironic it will be if EU refuses & we are forced out by default on 29th. A majority of Parliament are utter traitors.

RT @BBCBreaking: UK MPs vote against Theresa May’s revised EU withdrawal deal by 391 to 242, throwing #Brexit plans into confusion #BrexitVote latest:

Dan Carden MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Nothing has changed. Theresa May’s botched #WithdrawalAgreement fails to protect jobs, rights and industries. It’s a bad deal for communities whether they voted to Leave or Remain. I will vote against it tonight.

RT @DougChapmanSNP: 1bn extra for Northern Ireland to keep the Tories in power. 1bn extra for English regions to buy votes for May’s deal. This is what the United Kingdom has come to...and using your tax contributions to pay for it. This can’t go on. #IndependentScotland

RT @alfonslopeztena: RT @alfonslopeztena: May’s Brexit Trilemma and her Four Options

RT @MrTCHarris: If the EU insist that they won’t renegotiate May’s deal - a deal that has been comprehensively rejected by parliament - they’re effectively choosing no deal over a deal.