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Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (CHP) (Republican People's Party)

RT @vinaysreeni: There are 2 types of democracy: People's Democracy is the kind in China, where there's a dictatorship. India is a constit…

RT @UKPatchwork: Congratulations @LiamByrneMP on being shortlisted for our #MPoftheYearAwards. Voting for your People's Choice MP of the Y…

People's Vote parties got 40% vote share, no deal got 35%. Thank you to everyone who voted for the @LibDems yesterday, and for other People's Vote parties. There is no democratic mandate in the country for no deal.

BJP Karnataka (unknown) tweeted :

Pic 1 : Normal People's Taxi Pic 2 : Gandhi Family’s Taxi

Delyth Jewell (wales) tweeted :

Tory prevarication got us into this mess. Labour's failure to back _their own policy_ on a People's Vote has denied us a way out. We're left in a limbo where, next week, MPs vote on the same motion for the third time. This is one of the circles of Dante's hell.

Bim Afolami MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Glad to see @MattHancock addressing this. Social media can be really detrimental for young people's mental health and it's important we tackle it's issues head on.

"The Congo from Leopold to Kabila: A People's History" editie ZED Books, 2002 The Congo from Leopold to Kabila

RT @niteshbajpei: @ArvindKejriwal ji today we spent whole day with @LambaAlka and watched very closely and felt that people's of her cons…

Chuka Umunna (Labour) tweeted :

MPs have a public duty to prevent a No Deal Brexit. After the PM's deal falls, committing to a People's Vote is the principle way to avoid jumping off that cliff. My @Independent column.…

RT @jessphillips: I keep hearing people say we shouldn't have a people's vote because we need to bring the country back together, what exac…