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Welsh Labour MP for Cardiff North, Environmental Audit Select Cttee, vice chair APPG Climate Change, People’s Vote campaign


Sanjay Kaul is a Spokesperson for the BJP. He is the founder of People’s Action and has been a civil and consumer rights activist.

RT @RahulGandhi: Months of solid work rewarded by an overwhelming response. I’m so proud our people’s manifesto accurately reflects the voi…

RT @conservative4pv: An analysis of the #RevokeArticle50petition conducted by the Conservatives for a People’s Vote campaign reveals that o…

RT @guardian: The Guardian view on the People’s Vote march: a force for good | Editorial

RT @CentralLobby: "We need a #PeoplesVote insurance policy. A way to guarantee a People’s Vote come what may. A democratic ‘backstop’ you m…

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) tweeted :

Why is Theresa May prepared to sell people’s jobs and living standards down the river?

RT @Will_DryOFOC: People’s Vote campaign has: - changed the national conversation. - organised second biggest march this century.…

Catherine Bearder (EU) tweeted :

Full page advert in Hampshire Chronicle calling on ⁦@BrineMP⁩ to support a ‘people’s vote.’ Over Winchester 500 constituents signed.

RT @spectator: At last, a people’s revolt against the tyranny of environmentalism, writes Brendan O’Neill…

Our campaigning with 😄@JohannLamont listening to people’s concerns. Raising women’s issues

Catherine Bearder (EU) tweeted :

Unknowingly, a Conservative MP has just one of the finest arguments yet for a people’s vote.