All deleted tweets from politicians

@arichmondScot @ruth_wishart @AngelaCrawley30 She’s the first ‘friendly’ journalist to buy into the idea that ‘some’ MPs are getting a ‘bit comfortable’ at Westminster. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Every passing crisis tends to make you appreciate the Queen, and how she’s performed her role, that bit more. #Harry&Meghan

@ItsMeGeraint @jessphillips Haha many others did. I will make it clear once I have endorsed someone!! Lol. She’s not top of my list, atm but neither is she bottom! However, outside of our political bubble, people see things differently to us and that was what my observation was about really.

Wes Streeting (Labour) tweeted :

Great to have @jessphillips out with @IlfordNorthCLP to start out get out the vote campaigning! She’s a total star.

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Good to catch @Konnie_Huq on @bbcsml om now describing her childhood and new kids book she’s written with old pics popping up including one including my Kate parents and me - this pic chops off my mum’s head... miss her

Peter Julian (NDP) tweeted :

Since Andrea graduated in 2007, she’s paid her student loans every month but she still owes about $20,000. It’s time for this to change. Help me make it happen. Donate to my campaign and send me to Ottawa ! Donate: #NDP #NewWestminster #Burnaby

Best wishes to everyone getting results today. #gcseresultsday2019. Just got our daughter’s results, she’s done superbly well despite having some challenges, #prouddad 😀.

@SamTalksSex @KatiePiper_ She’s phenomenal Sam, so grateful for her support of the @apph_wh. So important that girls and women have strong role models and they seldom come better than you two x

Well done to Livingston Olympian, Elise Christie for speaking so openly about the anxiety and depression she’s faced. Hope articles like this can help us all further address stigma around mental health.…

Janice Atkinson (EU) replied to @Refugees :

@Refugees And the real reason she’s not allowed to play football with her brothers? It’s not because they’re in a camp. Clue: she’s female in a certain religion