All deleted tweets from politicians

We did really and well and definitely had the most laughs that’s for sure! And all while raising money for charity. Superb night.

@cec1955 Are you saying that’s all try drink in @NolaMarinoMP ‘s electorate @M_McCormackMP ? #auspol

Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

Our government has legislated $144bn in tax relief for hard working families. That’s effectively a wage increase but without a negative impact on jobs, in fact with a positive impact on jobs & living standard, yet Labor want to reverse half those Liberal-National income tax cuts.

RT @VVD_Wonen: And that’s a wrap! 👏🏼 Dank aan sprekers en belangstellenden voor een boeiende @VVD ‘Provinciale themamiddag #Wonen Noord-Hol…

Butts actually said “she experienced it differently”. It’s inclusively. That’s Trudeau’s actual defence. “She experienced it differently”.

Asaduddin Owaisi (india) tweeted :

Well, why is the government of the day being asked about unemployment? That’s a question for Aurangzeb or Nehru. Let Mitron tell us more about that time he spent 4.5 years ‘fixing’ the economy with harrbrained schemes such as Demonetization

RT @Political_BD: So many potatoes! Yep, that’s right, it’s all potatoes behind our team filming with Liberal MP @Wayneeaster and Conservat…

OK that’s two lessons 🤔. A crash course in maths is the third...

@LakesPlace That’s not accurate, Carol. As federal Immigration Minister I brought in a requirement that all principle economic immigrants must demonstrate official language proficiency. We also raised the threshold, and designated credible third party groups to do the language testing

@Neil_DuCros Very likely he will. But that’s fine. We live in a representative democracy and all view points should be represented. It’s the moment when people choose to upend our entire economic base because of a few mens’ egos is when we’ve got a problem.