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We’re working through what else we can do to support workers – Labor has already announced we’ll crack down on dodgy labour hire and shame contracting.

As the law currently stands, we’re just 10 days away from leaving the EU & still none the wiser as to how the Govt intends to resolve a crisis entirely of its own making – despite the UQ on the Article 50 extension process yday

@JoeFitzSNP @Scotlandteam @Womens6Nations @bbcalba Also, if you meet anyone who is up for a game tomorrow we’re a bit short in the party team 😉

PM of Israel (israel) replied to @IsraeliPM :

Prime Minister Netanyahu: "We’re very, very happy with the cooperation and with the American commitment, often expressed by @POTUIS Trump, to Israel’s security."

RT @DefraGovUK: Happy World Wildlife Day! This year’s theme is Life Below the Water. We’re committed to protecting the ocean and its wond…

Confirmed in the House: there is evidence that false claims about the UN Migration Compact we’re first began by anti-Muslim neo-Nazi groups. @jamespeshaw asks if the Foreign Minister is concerned that similar lines of misinformation have been used by political parties in NZ

RT @HOTREC_EUROPE: The growth of the hospitality sector is a European success story. But while we’re pleased of our joint success in 2014-2…

RT @gonzalezpons: Be aware!Our passports have been taken and we’re being expelled from Venezuela. Bad manners and the only explanation is M…

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

@emirates we’re recently asking for a more fuel efficient A380. Now suddenly cancelled orders. Interesting