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RT @LibFozzy: More than 200 people have joined @LibDems since Theresa May’s statement. That’s more than 1 a minute. Join them - and help us fight to keep Britain in the EU:

RT @rosskempsell: Theresa May’s cabinet repeatedly attack Jeremy Corbyn and his entourage as an extreme risk to national security. Tonight a formal inquiry is underway into a leak from the government’s top intelligence forum (which must be trusted by UK allies) - and ministers are in the frame

RT @PeterKGeoghegan: ICYMI: ERG is set to torpedo May’s Brexit deal. But who is ERG? Jacob Rees-Mogg’s pro Brexit lobby refuses to name members - and neither would DExEU. But after months of fighting from @openDemocracy information about watchdog ruled Brexit dept much publish list of ERG members…

RT @DarranMarshall: .@simoncoveney tells RTÉ he doesn’t think the EU will accept Theresa May’s #brexit plan - but it’s a move in the right direction & it will be taken seriously