All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @GarethBQuinn: RT @GarethBQuinn: Out campaigning for @robm2 in today’s #LeithWalkByElection - vote no.1 #VoteSNP. Polls open till 10pm! @LeithWalkSNP http…

RT @bobservant: I’d like to apologise to anyone offended by today’s “School’s Out!” event on the van While I will go to my grave convinced I got a lot of things right with my fun schoolboy outfit, I accept that my shorts failed in their duties in a manner that left many of you upset and confused

RT @Rossdobson01: @arranhigh Senior Prefects looking smart for today’s Scottish Government visit. Looking forward to meeting @NicolaSturgeon and many other Scottish Government leaders. @scotgov

RT @bobservant: .@thecourieruk my lawyer Objection McNally will be in touch regarding today’s “interview”. I was not “clearly inebriated”, my suit was not “ill-fitting” and I did not “claim to have invented Bombay Mix”.

RT @NewTownFlaneur: RT @NewTownFlaneur: Today’s royal wedding makes me reminisce about when I, too, walked down the aisle.

RT @paulbsinclair: RT @paulbsinclair: Me in today’s Scottish Mail on Sunday on the taxpayer funded film aimed at selling the SNP not Scotland.…

RT @paulbsinclair: RT @paulbsinclair: Why trust in the SNP is completely fracked. By me in today’s Scottish Mail on Sunday.

RT @paulbsinclair: Why Labour should stop falling into SNP traps and why Salmond missed.... but isn’t missed. By me in today’s Scottish Mail on Sunday.

RT @PeterKGeoghegan: Top story in today’s Sunday Times revolves around Steve Bannon’s advice for his friend Boris Johnson. Alt rightification of UK politics is happening fast