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RT @gprhymney: RT @gprhymney: We’re on the Lawns Industrial Estate tonight with @SaferCaerphilly. #NoToASB

RT @stephenbrooksUK: It’s #CarFreeDiff - Cardiff’s car free day. Why not pop in and say hello to @SustransCymru - we’re by the castle opposite the Hilton Hotel from 10.30

Lynne Neagle (wales) retweeted @RJaks4 :

RT @RJaks4: We’re all set up for Mental Health Today Wales in Cardiff. If you work with people bereaved by suicide and you’re not 100% confident you have a support strategy in place come and speak to us. postvention is Prevention

RT @mark4leader: RT @mark4leader: And on that note, we’re all wrapped up here. Thanks for joining us! #C21Socialism #MD4L

RT @mark4leader: RT @mark4leader: We’re getting under way at 1pm. To watch live head over to #C21Socialism #MD4L

RT @danielmgmoylan: @oflynnmep @MarkReckless Its the new Remain thing - of course we’re not leaving on 29 March. But the law says we are and not one of them can explain how in practice the numbers are assembled to change it (and for what). And they call this a news programme. It’s the detachment from reality that amazes.

RT @SeneddCWLC: 📣 We’re coming to Aberystwyth! 👥 We’ll be holding our Committee meeting at @aberystwytharts on 6 December with @WelshBooks and @NLWales 👉 For more information, click here: Want to join us? 📞 Call 0300 200 6565 to book your space!

RT @lukebwilliams10: @neiljmcevoy @StevieDE83 @AMCarwyn @PhilJones33 @Lab4IndyWales At what point do we stop acting like we’re the only two countries on the planet that need to be ruled by another country just because the latter has London?

RT @pontypriddcoop: We’re looking forward to providing Fair Trade Tea and Coffee for this. Great cause! @PontyTC @PontyMuseum @CoopCymruWales @MacmillanCymru

RT @Michael_Heaver: RT @Michael_Heaver: We’re headed towards a £39 billion EU trap.