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Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. If you’re a constituent please email

Peter Whittle

London AM Brexit Alliance @BrexitAssembly Founder & Director @NewCultureForum. Author. Who's Who 2020 Host & Producer of So What You’re Saying Is...view

RT @Jordan_SP1: If you’re a resident of the Peterborough constituency then please sign this recall position. You have until 5pm next Wednesday to do so. 10% of constituents, around 7,000 voters, need to sign it - so that a by-election can be triggered.…

RT @James4Labour: Keep them coming, Daily Fail, you’re looking as ridiculous as ever & people can see through this BS! Mail's latest smear: "Corbyn at wedding of man who did something 4 YEARS later"… via @skwawkbox

RT @James4Labour: If you’re a @UKLabour Member / Voter, please email / tweet @JessPhillips and make it clear than under NO circumstances must she prop up @Theresa_May and support the @CONservatives. Please don’t be rude or abusive. Just make it clear what we expect of our Labour MPs.

RT @James4Labour: Can you IMAGINE the Blairites if @JeremyCorbyn went up to Tony Blair in Parliament, when he was PM, & shouted, “you’re a lying, fucking Murderer”, after Iraq? He wouldn’t, of course, because he has more integrity, decency, respect, and class than the whole pack of the Labour RW!

RT @Georgina6409: @georgegalloway @talkRADIO GG you’re an absolute star 🌟 I love it when you say “murder” have an amazing weekend and thanks for my education ✊#MOATS

RT @Georgina6409: RT @Georgina6409: @georgegalloway Hmm I voted Remain but actually you’re right

RT @MancSel: RT @MancSel: I love that once you’re a part of this club you’re always a part of this club unless you do something really bad…

RT @alexnunns: Lee Dixon: “Sometimes you play your best games when you’re sitting on the bench not playing.” Move over Confucius, the batton has been passed.

RT @NickFunds: If you are a Labour Party member and you think @georgegalloway shouldn’t be reinstated as a member, then you’re in the wrong party! George is more of a Labour man than the most Labour of Labour men(or woman)! #BringBackGalloway 7pm tonight on Twitter. Put this right @UKLabour