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RT @Imamofpeace: I’m supposed to be away and recovering after surgery but I can’t stay silent anymore. The Islamist fanatics in India are THE WORST AND BIGGEST HYPOCRITES in the history of the region. They side with Pakistan, disrespect India’s Police, laws and anthem, yet demand 🇮🇳 citizenship.

RT @Imamofpeace: She’s a toddler that can’t even walk. Why do you cover her up with a robe and scarf that’s intended for mature women only? Even if you claim it’s a religious practice, it doesn’t apply to baby girls. You’re sexualizing a baby girl. You are sick.

RT @Imamofpeace: “The dogs can’t see us anymore. Burn them. Burn them. Allahu Akbar” The video is reportedly from Greece. Please post news articles below, if any.

RT @la_zetch: Cyril makes us wait like a rich aunt who promised to send you an eWallet. You’re pissed off but can’t afford to say “screw it” because ulambile and need to buy bread

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @Andile_SS :

RT @Andile_SS: RT @Andile_SS: Can’t she think? Ubeyaphi kwasekuqaleni?

RT @hocwatch: RT @hocwatch: @DrLisaCameronMP You should be tested , Korea example makes it 100% clear testing is key and it seems we just can’t be bother…

RT @LukeOHolland: Brains don’t *need* to do this. They’re choosing to. If their business model can’t pay staff a minimum wage - not even the *Real* Living Wage - then they don’t deserve to prosper. Shame that the coverage doesn’t offer any challenge to their cock and bull excuses.

RT @guywilliamsguy: RT @guywilliamsguy: "You can’t say anything anymore!" Is code for: “I've noticed that racism is less tolerated than it was previously”.

RT @ForChange_Now: “Climate change is a national emergency. We can’t make a difference to climate change alone. We need to work together across Europe to solve the problems we face today”, says our @GathCharlotte in Birmingham. #Remain

RT @ForChange_Now: #QueensSpeech is nothing more than a con which won't fool anyone. Promises of extra spending can’t be fulfilled by a Govt determined on #NoDealBrexit. Any Brexit will hit jobs & prosperity. Time to put it back to voters with @peoplesvote_uk