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RT @RoryStewart2019: Rory gets the first round of applause. People agree with him. Because we can’t suspend Parliament like Dom says; we need to deliver Brexit through Parliament. #C4debate

RT @DouglasCarswell: As the only person ever elected at a general election for the Brexit party predecessor, Ukip, I can’t see the point in voting for them this time. Only Boris will get Brexit done - and he needs our backing to end the dither and delay

RT @DouglasCarswell: Lefties said build bridges not borders. Ruddy Labour mayor of London can’t even keep Hammersmith bridge open. Causing traffic chaos. Muppet couldn’t run a bath, let alone a city

RT @pmanley82: @AndrewRosindell @MelJStride @ZacGoldsmith @RickyHines89 I can’t pretend to be a Tory fan but you Sirs are a hero to many. Not many MPs risk their whip to stand up for their beliefs. Exactly what an MP should be. I salute you (which I never thought I’d say to a Tory MP! - happy to be proven wrong)

RT @rosskempsell: ‘All of the 3 others want different things and can’t all be right. Only with the deal James is setting out can we be sure we will leave the EU in March. Labour have put forward a man who called their own plan bollocks. That says it all.’ - Tory source #C4Brexit

RT @rosskempsell: Such heartfelt tributes to Paddy Ashdown coming in from across the political spectrum - can’t help feeling he embodied qualities so often lacking from today’s fractured politics

RT @AndyEMorrison: Why can’t you just do the decent thing, as Labour have done, and offer your thoughts and solidarity with a man who has had an attempt on his life? Absolute pond life.…

RT @poolespast: Can’t help but peep whenever there’s a little bit of Poole being dug up - no obvious archaeology but interesting that the soil is so sandy. Did the shoreline used to be this far inland, or does this show that heathland came right down into modern-day Poole?

RT @paulbsinclair: Got from London to Edinburgh without a hitch. Now trying to get from Edinburgh to Glasgow. Can’t get a seat. @ScotRail @HumzaYousaf This ‘service’ is shockingly bad