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Laurin Liu (unknown) retweeted @aminatou :

RT @aminatou: RT @aminatou: whoever made this deserves a prize because I can’t stop laughing

RT @abogada_laura: My 5-yr-old client can’t tell me what country she is from. We prepare her case by drawing pictures with crayons of the gang members that would wait outside her school. Sometimes she wants to draw ice cream cones and hearts instead. She is in deportation proceedings alone.…

RT @YuanfenYang: “If I leave I won’t be able to graduate...but my body can’t take this any more.” I met students at Apple’s main China supplier who say they are being forced to work on the iPhone X assembly line - scoop @FT…

Laurin Liu (unknown) retweeted @iD4RO :

RT @iD4RO: 1. We can’t stop it 2. OK, we could have but we didn’t 3. Please don’t bother us with talk of human rights abuses 4. Wow, what happened?