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RT @VoteJezzaCorbyn: RT @VoteJezzaCorbyn: Let's take a moment to appreciate this lady who stood up against the audience members wanting genocide. ◽◽ #BBCQT http…

RT @Leann_27: RT @Leann_27: Divided families & communities? Yes, we debated & it was passionate but it's certainly not what your describing it as. #bbcqt…

RT @Leann_27: RT @Leann_27: Scottish politics is not in a sad state. Debating about our future is a good thing. #bbcqt

RT @burdzeyeview: RT @burdzeyeview: *Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP* says David Dimbleby on #bbcqt - or the First Minister of Scotland as she's usually termed.

RT @OfViewpark: RT @OfViewpark: Agree with @NicolaSturgeon, We are not feeling the Benefit of the key indicators.. Question is.. Who is then? #bbcqt

RT @Grumpyhatlady: RT @Grumpyhatlady: The Labour Party has abandoned the people - at last someone on mainstream to saying that #bbcqt