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Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


“ain’t it just like the night, to play tricks, when you’re trying to be so quiet?” Labour MP. Proud Yorkie. Pls email if you require a reply.

RT @sahouraxo: “Evo Morales, if you see this, more power to you. I hope your exile is short, your people need you. You’re the first indigenous leader of all of South America. You’ve pulled so many of your people out of poverty and gave them a sense of dignity.” Thank you Roger Waters.

RT @Jordan_SP1: If you’re a resident of the Peterborough constituency then please sign this recall position. You have until 5pm next Wednesday to do so. 10% of constituents, around 7,000 voters, need to sign it - so that a by-election can be triggered.…

RT @James4Labour: Keep them coming, Daily Fail, you’re looking as ridiculous as ever & people can see through this BS! Mail's latest smear: "Corbyn at wedding of man who did something 4 YEARS later"… via @skwawkbox

RT @James4Labour: If you’re a @UKLabour Member / Voter, please email / tweet @JessPhillips and make it clear than under NO circumstances must she prop up @Theresa_May and support the @CONservatives. Please don’t be rude or abusive. Just make it clear what we expect of our Labour MPs.

RT @James4Labour: Can you IMAGINE the Blairites if @JeremyCorbyn went up to Tony Blair in Parliament, when he was PM, & shouted, “you’re a lying, fucking Murderer”, after Iraq? He wouldn’t, of course, because he has more integrity, decency, respect, and class than the whole pack of the Labour RW!

RT @Georgina6409: @georgegalloway @talkRADIO GG you’re an absolute star 🌟 I love it when you say “murder” have an amazing weekend and thanks for my education ✊#MOATS

RT @Georgina6409: RT @Georgina6409: @georgegalloway Hmm I voted Remain but actually you’re right

RT @MancSel: RT @MancSel: I love that once you’re a part of this club you’re always a part of this club unless you do something really bad…

RT @alexnunns: Lee Dixon: “Sometimes you play your best games when you’re sitting on the bench not playing.” Move over Confucius, the batton has been passed.

RT @NickFunds: If you are a Labour Party member and you think @georgegalloway shouldn’t be reinstated as a member, then you’re in the wrong party! George is more of a Labour man than the most Labour of Labour men(or woman)! #BringBackGalloway 7pm tonight on Twitter. Put this right @UKLabour