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RT @MammothWhale: RT @MammothWhale: Watching Nicola Sturgeon on #bbcqt really makes you proud that she's our First Minister. Down to earth, compassionate and…

RT @seantduffy: Sturgeon confirms that she would prioritise an independence referendum over ending austerity #bbcqt. Sheffield audience clearly exposing the one track politics of the SNP.

RT @RogerDaCosta22: Corbyn wants to legalise abortion up to the point of birth. How can any Catholic vote for the Labour Party? #BBCQT…

Angela Smith (Labour) retweeted @trevdick :

RT @trevdick: #Labour nasties clearly on show in #bbcqt audience. Anti semitic, misogynist. This the Party that is standing down in zero seats, has a very questionable policy on Brexit.. and demands stridently that Remainers lend them a vote. Tonight reminded me exactly why I left #Labour

RT @Ian_Fraser: RT @Ian_Fraser: I love the look on the faces of the two young women at the end of @tomhfh's tedious rant #bbcqt

RT @alstewitn: RT @alstewitn: #BBCQT @CarolineFlintMP, on the renovation of #FrogmoreCottage: "I hope they got three quotes". #Brilliant

Kate Hoey (UKMPs) retweeted @alstewitn :

RT @alstewitn: #BBCQT @IainDale "What is the point of trying to have a debate if, after every five seconds, you (@IanBlackfordMP) interrupt?". 2-1 Iain walks...

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: I think this new idea of having an Labour audience cross examine a Conservative leader is interesting #bbcqt

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @nadinebh_ :

RT @nadinebh_: Yesterday, @infiniterosee appeared on #bbcqt & said she doesn't believe Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite. John Bercow also said this yesterday. Today, Lila has been stalked, had personal information shared online, & been told her family will be tracked down & found for saying it.

RT @PoliticsRocks_: Well said by the young man on #BBCQT @BBC telling @theSNP to get on with governing Scotland instead of pointing the figure elsewhere for #Brexit and pushing for #IndyRef2 - loudest applause in the room!! @JohnSwinney couldn’t even defend their position #EUelections2019