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Dad - Member of Parliament - #Crawley - Vegetarian - Vexillologist - Enquiries? Please email: - I don’t reply via Twitter


Member of Parliament for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford since 2010. Don’t do casework or correspondence by social media. Email me!

RT @timothy_stanley: Always nerve wracking and an honour to do #BBCQT. This week we’re in Wales, and I don’t want to second guess the good…

RT @Dr_PattyGrace: Need to stop being disappointed when people don’t get excited about the same things I do.

RT @Michael_Heaver: Spanish PM latest foreign leader to weigh in and recommend UK has another referendum. They still don’t get it do they…

RT @BachaKhanMarkaz: Don’t forget to attach the given hashtag regarding every update of ANP’s Central Council Meeting. #ANPCentralCouncilMe…

RT @BachaKhanMarkaz: Kindly don’t forget to mention the ‘hashtag’ regarding every update related to the ANP’s protest which will be recorde…

It’s your time to sleep, God bless you and don’t allow Satan to use you Rea. HOLY SPIRIT

You have a television set don’t you ? What does Beyoncé say: when life give you lemons, make lemonades. Watch the TV, pretend like you are in the stadium with us. Can play Vuvuzela for ambiance.

Yey wena move aside if you don’t know it’s Beyoncé Day today, I said what I said. HBD ( Happy Beyoncé Day) everyone - uthanda ungathandi!!!

Great view, don’t mind impandla on the corner !!! #GlobalCitezenFestival

Bathi I fainted when I asked them why ndimanzi just now ... it wasn’t a long faint. Don’t know what caused it.