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Former Member of Parliament/Aelod Seneddol Aberconwy. V.Chair @ Righttovote#FinalSay on Brexit. Constituents Contact/Cyswllt

RT @RightToVote_UK: We caught up with @GutoAberconwy after tonight’s votes in #Parliament. It’s clear, we should have a #FinalSay on #Brexi…

RT @RightToVote_UK: In today's @thetimesscot, @GutoAberconwy has written about support in Scotland for a #finalsay on #Brexit saying: "My S…

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Dr Charles Tannock (EU) replied to @IanDunt :

@IanDunt Unsurprising that @TheIndepGroup maintains a united pro #FinalSay second Referendum position. Could they consider a soft Brexiteer who supports #PeoplesVote Referendum but do they exist? In practice TIG political space & support depends on being new centrist MP Remainer caucus.

@chrisgreybrexit it is necessary but not sufficient given there are more opposed Labour MP rebels than #FinalSay 2nd referendum supportive TIG and Tory ones and Corbyn knows the parliamentary arithmetic makes it very unlikely so his offer is not really putting his coveted Brexit in jeopardy!

@PropertySpot @DanielJHannan A #PeoplesVote #FinalSay 2nd Referendum to obtain #InformedConsent on Brexit deal & resolve Brexit impasse is at least twice as democratic as 2016 flawed one sold on lies & an unfair franchise & campaign illegal overspend with questions about the provenance of some of Leave funds

@KaiAttwood I would favour a longer A50 extension with a #PeoplesVote #InformedConsent #FinalSay Referendum with Remain option vs May deal. It would probably require #EP2019elections which complicates matters for HMG.

@gavinajmorrison I'm happy that all options still remain possible including a #PeoplesVote #FinalSay #InformedConsent Referendum but still too early to draw any firm conclusions where the Brexit impasse story ends.

Dr Charles Tannock (EU) tweeted :

Yes let's give the voters of Swindon a #peoplesvote #RightToVote #informedconsent #FinalSay now they know the damage hard Brexit will really do to their local economy. Many fell for Brexiteer cost free deceit now clearly exposed as it really is. No other easy solution IMHO.

Dr Charles Tannock (EU) tweeted :

Precisely why Brexiteers fear a #FinalSay second Referendum