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Member of Parliament in SA Parliament.

Thankyou to the thousands who have supported our @TheIndGroup actions in parliament today to get an extension to article 50 and a People’s Vote. Our amendment has been selected. We’re game on for a Vote at 5pm. #StayTuned…

Siobhain displaying precisely the leadership that we will need in parliament if we’re to find a way out of this mess. This argument works for me. #PeoplesVote

I’ve long taken the view that this parliament will either reform itself from within (through a realignment, internally); or be reformed from without (an electoral bloodbath). The window for the first of these is closing. Sensible colleagues should take note.

Been in parliament for years. Never met this person. Possibly an actor.

Boris Johnson needs to ask parliament whether it has confidence in his risky strategy to pull the UK out of the EU without a deal. If Jeremy Corbyn won't do this, the Prime Minister needs to do it himself.

Unless Jeremy Corbyn is a very stupid man, he understands there is no majority in parliament for a government, in any circumstances, led by him. Not for a minute, an hour, a day. More cynical games from him. Under another Labour figure, it’s possible.

And how do you think the 34 Independents in this parliament will vote? ◽…

A peculiar phenomenon of the 2017- parliament is this guy’s unwillingness to ever subject his speeches to a subeditor before delivering them.

In Parliament, Big Ben is randomly binging.

@booobiesweets Hi Alice. Whilst parliament is dissolved I’m not currently an MP, though my casework team is still working on people’s issues. Do you want to call on 01582 457774 or email