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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @larkinthemorn: @AngusMacNeilSNP @mfnmelb1 Chant for #AUOBEdinburgh - "Scotland owes Westminster NOTHING - Ireland owes Westminster Nothing - Wales owes Westminster Nothing - nothing nothing nothing - @theSNP @scotgp RT

RT @chappersmk: The DailyFail attempted to sting my fellow panelist at #LabourConference2019 claiming she flew back to Scotland for important climate vote. They've apologised to @claudiabeamish as she took the train 😏…

RT @REarchdiocese: Catholic Schools: Good for Scotland! Thank-you @elainesmithmsp for highlighting this issue at a national level. @SCESDirector @rcpoliticsuk…

RT @Jimbyrnemusic: RT @Jimbyrnemusic: Scotland. The most beautiful country in the World. It's official.…

RT @PoliticsRocks_: Well said by the young man on #BBCQT @BBC telling @theSNP to get on with governing Scotland instead of pointing the figure elsewhere for #Brexit and pushing for #IndyRef2 - loudest applause in the room!! @JohnSwinney couldn’t even defend their position #EUelections2019

RT @UpIander: It's extraordinary that the Scottish Tories believe that "Elect Tories in order to protect Scotland from the harm caused by the Tories" is an effective pre-election message. Incredible. No wonder the polls are predicting their total wipe-out in Scotland.

RT @chrstphr4ever: #SNPbecause We need an end to cruel austerity and not to settle for UK governments we don’t vote for! 💛Scotland future in Scotland’s hands💛 I’ll be voting for @alisonthewliss @theSNP #votesnp #GetJohnsonGone #GE2019