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RT @_youhadonejob1: Apparently there’s a third option between burial and cremation. Help support @_youhadonejob1 with a coffee on Ko-fi. Thank you.

RT @a_nnaschneider: „But there’s nothing liberal about religious modesty culture – it’s the opposite of women’s liberation and feminism“. ⁦@YasMohammedxx⁩ on #nohijabday…

RT @MarkFoxNews: There’s a great deal of comment on #NotreDame as a tourist destination, cultural centre, historic jewel - all true. Above all however it is a great Cathedral of living worship and witness of Catholic Christian faith - faith which will survive and thrive. #HolyWeek #Paris

RT @ChukaUmunna: There’s no time to mess about. People need a clear alternative to the chaos of the main parties: - a #PeoplesVote; - Remain on the ballot; and, - all our MPs supporting it, ...because no-one voted for this mess. No ifs or buts. No constructive ambiguity. The @TheIndGroup position

In the local elections today, I’ll be voting for candidates from parties that support a People’s Vote. There’s a good place to check this here:

@The_EA_Insider @carolhart79 Always happy to assist constituents in these matters, but if there’s a wider issue I can also look to see if can be raised in the appropriate way.

So there’s some impressive days-old-but-still-rumbling-on Twitter snark about whether a majority exists for a Corbyn led government in this parliament. The Corbynistas say there would be if the Lib Dems vote for him. (1/5)

RT @forgetcape: “Is the UK racist” is such a non discussion. The prime minister said racist things and was elected overwhelmingly. There’s racism on tele and in the paper most days. Is the whole country racist, almost certainly not. Is racism allowed to thrive, absolutely.

RT @DrPAhad: There’s science behind resilience we can use to help kids dealing w toxic #stress & #trauma, especially in war zones. We have the capability to measure #resilience by how kids’ brains, immune systems, and genes respond to stressful experiences. #therapy…