All deleted tweets from politicians

@jackbuckby 158. A rounding error. There’s no market for your fascism round here; do jog on.

For now? Sleep. Laundry. Mow lawn. Deal with mice (ask me when you see me). There’s a job of work to do Monday, and I'm up for the fight.

@_bintBilal Have seen your email; there’s a debate on Myanmar which might prevent me on that day but if I can slip out I’ll come meet you.

If there’s a phrase the DUP are completely comfortable with, it’s ‘fresh elections’.

So, there’s a vote on this amendment (in the EU Withdrawal Bill, which makes arrangements for us pulling out) likely tonight. /1

Just awful. There’s no place for violence in our politics. No exceptions.…

@qai5er @paulwaugh @TLRailUK Yes, plenty. There’s a good summary on my Facebook page (GavinShukerMP) and I’ve formally requested Grayling be required to attend the House on Monday to be questioned by MPs. Check there for updates over the weekend.

If you think there’s a better Bond theme than The Living Daylights, well, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you.

If anyone tells you there’s a Brexit dividend, they’re lying.

So, sorry if you’re waiting for a response from me; we’re reaching out to the organisers to see if there’s a retrospective fix.