All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Matt_B_Tyler: “Restores our nations finances without increasing taxes”.... so, there’s cuts to expenditure... there’s only 3 levers @JoshFrydenberg - standard Coalition looking out for the big end of town #nofreelunch #budget

RT @owrangle: RT @owrangle: If there’s one member of the LGBTI community who still reckons Malcolm is on their side they’d want to watch #qt now. #auspol

RT @MarkDiStef: RT @MarkDiStef: Here are the 20 senate backbenchers who want to change the Racial Discrimination Act… I’m sure there’s a trend here. https:…

RT @MarkDiStef: RT @MarkDiStef: So let’s get it straight, 18C is being misused to silence debate. But there’s zero, ZERO, push to reform defamation law.