All deleted tweets from politicians

There’s not much you can trust the SNP with!

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

There’s nothing clear and decisive about holding a vote you’re not going to win. Would have thought you of all people would understand that.

Ged Killen (UKMPs) replied to @shocker38 :

@shocker38 No, but we are realists. There’s no other example in the world of two countries with different customs arrangements and no border.

@AnndraNicolson @PaulJSweeney I’m saying there’s no country in the world neighbouring a country with a different customs regime without a border.

@jackbuckby 158. A rounding error. There’s no market for your fascism round here; do jog on.

For now? Sleep. Laundry. Mow lawn. Deal with mice (ask me when you see me). There’s a job of work to do Monday, and I'm up for the fight.

@_bintBilal Have seen your email; there’s a debate on Myanmar which might prevent me on that day but if I can slip out I’ll come meet you.

If there’s a phrase the DUP are completely comfortable with, it’s ‘fresh elections’.

So, there’s a vote on this amendment (in the EU Withdrawal Bill, which makes arrangements for us pulling out) likely tonight. /1

Just awful. There’s no place for violence in our politics. No exceptions.…