All deleted tweets from politicians

Kate Hollern MP (Labour) tweeted :

Well done Adds a £100,000 will be given by @Asda and their Foundation to their community champions to supply schools with food over half term. Get in touch with your local store for more details

Since the government launched it's campaign to recruit 20,000 additional offices, 100,000 people have applied.

RT @LBC: BREAKING: Matt Hancock announces government has achieved the 100,000 daily tests goal. Yesterday there were 122,347 tests carried out. #DailyBriefinguk

Since setting out an ambitious plan to test 100,000 people a day by the end of the month, we've had an excellent response from the industry. Paramacutical and diagnostic companies are teaming up to develop millions of Coronavirus tests over the coming months.

RT @markhutchings1: UK Government says the goal of 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month was for the whole of the UK. Now there’s a correction - it’s for England.

RT @coaimpaul: Portugal celebrates 20 years of decriminalising of all drugs. Numbers of problem drug users has fallen from 100,000 to 50,000, of whom 30,000 are receiving treatment. HIV plummeted from 104.2 new cases per million in 2000 to 4.2 in 2015. Bravo Portugal!…

There are 100,000 nurse vacancies across the #NHS in England, with thousands more in social care and public health, according to @theRCN. We need money for #nurses, not just promises. @BathLive @BathEcho

RT @scottishlabour: ⚠️Jackson Carlaw’s plan for a no-deal Brexit could put around 100,000 Scots out of work just over a month before Christmas. 🌹Labour will give the public the final say on Brexit with a public vote with Remain on the ballot paper.

RT @BatesLord: 'At least 100,000 babies die every year because of conflict' the shocking finding of @savechildrenuk report out today. At least 100,000 reasons why @DFID_UK was right to double its contribition to @UNPeacebuilding Fund this year. We must still do more to #StoptheWaronChildren

RT @WelshLabour: With your @WelshLabour government: 👩‍🏭 100,000 quality all-age apprenticeships 🏘 20,000 extra affordable homes 🏫 £2bn for new & upgraded school & college buildings 🚆 A new Welsh rail franchise 🏦 £1bn Development Bank of Wales #TakingWalesForward #RebuildingBritiain