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RT @TanDhesi: While I was unfortunately not selected to speak in today’s Aviation debate to express anger on behalf of #Slough about the shoddy treatment of employees by BA, I’ve been working hard as part of the Shadow Transport Team to demand urgent Govt action and a sector specific deal:

As we embrace online learning, we must ensure no child is left behind. Read my article in today’s @timesredbox #Everychildmatters

Simon Hart (Conservative) tweeted :

We entered this fight as a United Kingdom and we will come out of it even more united. My article in today’s Western Mail👇

RT @DanMulhall: For today’s #poetry reading it’s back to Patrick Kavanagh and his #poem, Inniskeen Road: July Evening as he reflects on his position as “king of banks and stones and every blooming thing.” @EamonnMallie @PoetryProgRTE @IrishLitTimes

Today’s walk... is it compulsory.... ? asking for a friend....

RT @InspBrettell: Where is Terry Glover??? We urgently need to speak to him in connection with today’s incident in #Loughton any sightings or information to his location please contact @EssexPoliceUK urgently on #999

RT @nechildpoverty: Letter in today’s @TheJournalNews from our Chair @JaneStreather on the clear need for free school #holidayprovision across the NE & the increased, long-term funding from Govt required to support this. Time to move beyond pilot programmes & competitions for inadequate funding pots

RT @labourlewis: Never forget today’s Tories are the political inheritors of a party which fought bitterly AGAINST legislation to stop children being sent up chimneys...

RT @PARLYapp: RT @PARLYapp: The Speaker says the meaningful vote motion on today’s order paper isn’t in order and will not be debated today

RT @Conservatives: 🔵 🇬🇧 Today’s #QueensSpeech will set out this Government’s ambitious domestic agenda. We will deliver on Britain’s priorities and we will #GetBrexitDone.