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Disclaimer: I haven’t had a Savannah in maybe a decade. Rhodes University. That’s all. I plead the fifth. ✋◽

RT @JackieHillPerry: After being in Cape Town for 4 days, I started to see a pattern in how white people treated black people. I haven’t seen any overtly hateful behavior from them. Mainly, silent entitlement. That sees you, but doesn’t acknowledge you. Hears you, and doesn’t respond.

But mama, can there be conversation with monkeys? Could it lead humans to stop violence against monkeys? Haven’t blacks spent 300 years trying to convince racists that “blacks” are not monkeys? Is it not enough time to realize that racists & monkeys can’t talk?…

David Maynier MP (DA) retweeted @WSJ :

RT @WSJ: RT @WSJ: New laws haven’t made big banks safer, paper by Lawrence Summers says