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MP for Tunbridge Wells. Chair of Science & Technology Select Committee. I don’t respond on Twitter - constituents please contact me through my website.

AndrewLamingMP Pollie, eye guy, lapsed travel writer. Don’t be offended. Twitter’s a dumpster. I tweet in via facebook &never log in

@EmmaKennedy I don’t want to ban it. I wish it well. I just want us to have the right to hire and fire the people who set our laws.

@AllieRenison @MRJKilcoyne Don’t think you’ll get much disagreement from either of us there, Allie.

RT @DickDelingpole: Alastair Campbell: “I voted Lib Dem because Labour don’t support Remain”. Also Alastair Campbell: “When you add up all the Remain votes... including Labour obvs.”

RT @HighlandWriter: I don’t often fan-girl. But having met Alyn Smith after @bbcdebatenight in Inverness yesterday, I have to say he’s smart, eloquent, and utterly charming. We are so lucky to have him represent us in the European Parliament. Bonne chance pour jeudi, @AlynSmith 😊

RT @chalkeblue: Don’t desert the Tories in the final hour, they remain our best hope ⁦@DanielJHannan⁩ Agreed! But we need YOU to stiffen the sinews of Cabinet & MPs to remove Mrs May. Now, not allowing her to trash Brexit any further. There is no other solution…

RT @eucopresident: RT @eucopresident: Even if, after today, we don’t know what the end result will be, let us be patient. #Brexit

RT @MichelleDewbs: Enough now - Please stop this total and utter joke. And no, I don’t mean #Brexit I mean this absolute farcical mess our politicians are deliberately making of it. #Brexit #IndicativeVotes2

RT @majalukic113: RT @majalukic113: Please don’t compare the situation in the UK to the Balkans—it’s not comparable. First, we are all much more attractive t…

@jc_maximus @harryph I don’t think you can have read the whole piece, James. Bercow might well have a point about not calling the same motion twice. But PRECISELY THE SAME SENTENCE in Erskine May prohibits calling the same amendment twice.

In the mean time, don’t give the murderers the publicity they crave. Don’t share their names. Don’t take them at their own estimate as actors in some imagined cause. They are lowlife criminals, unusually malicious, but nothing more.