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RT @PaulJSweeney: “If the SNP want to prop up a Tory government under Boris Johnson, on their own heads be it. I don’t think Scotland will…

Zihni Özdil (gl) retweeted @Joyce_Karam :

RT @Joyce_Karam: OMG. I don’t care which side of political debate you’re on, this is just horrible. Video of Jimmy Al Daoud , lived in US…

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

Fake News!!! Not true and this is not Mahnoor!!! Don’t spread wrong things

RT @GMB_union: Outrageous that bosses are threatening dedicated, hard-working staff with the sack if they don’t agree to this flawed contra…

RT @IndyVoices: Don’t let Boris Johnson's puppeteers fool you – parliament can still absolutely stop no-deal Brexit | @ChukaUmunna https://…

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

For me All Mothers have utmost respect!!! But why don’t they respect other women!! @zburki is right you should have condemned him!! When this joke was made @faizanlakhani you didn’t have time to condemn it. But had time to Lecture me.

Ok so is it just me? I don’t get the Todd Sampson thing at all. Narcissist enjoying himself is all I see 😬

@tooquphagmailc2 Don’t worry abt tni@GS me n you know nothing abt. Those with knowledge will answer chill Mr

@EmmaKennedy I don’t want to ban it. I wish it well. I just want us to have the right to hire and fire the people who set our laws.

@AllieRenison @MRJKilcoyne Don’t think you’ll get much disagreement from either of us there, Allie.