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MP for Tunbridge Wells. Chair of Science & Technology Select Committee. I don’t respond using Twitter - constituents please contact me through my website.

andrewlamingmp Pollie, eye guy, lapsed travel writer. Don’t be offended. Twitter’s a dumpster. I tweet in via facebook &never log in

RT @RichardGrahamUK: Please vote to re-elect me TODAY by 10pm: you don’t need your polling card; list of polling stations on Gloucester City Council website. Let’s #KeepBelievingInGloucester & achieve lots more together!

RT @medway_council: ✉️ Our Elections team are busy ploughing through hundreds of applications for postal votes. ⚠️ Don’t forget, you’ve got until 5pm on Tuesday, 26 November to apply to vote by post. 👉 To find out more, visit: #OurDay #YourVoteMatters

RT @edinburghpaper: "I don’t want to be snobby about it, but my only concern about these building is you can’t just willy-nilly list things that aren’t built to last and can’t be repaired"

The voice of Telford people the NHS management ignored, because they don’t have to bother with how people feel. The elected representatives @MattHancock @BorisJohnson me we do have to care…

Politicians don’t get to pick and choose the referendums results they respect. The Lib Dem’s and SNP are cut from the same cloth ignoring referendum results because the voters didn’t give them the answer they wanted. It’s anti-democratic and why people loose faith in politics

Lisa Raitt (Conservative) tweeted :

I don’t know who to credit for these photos - they were sent to me by my sister in CB. This is Peggy’s Cove.

RT @montie: I don’t think we need to worry about Rob Halfon’s true allegiances... As a uni friend I remember the Maggie Thatcher slippers he wore around the hall of residence... although they were Spitting Image branded and so perhaps I should have worried?!…

RT @Mark_S386: @SWToryBob @Conservatives @StandUp4Brexit I share your frustration. The parliamentary Conservatives don’t seem to be remotely interested in the opinions of their core supporters, and worse still they are doing everything they can to avoid delivering Brexit in the form they promised to.

@telfordlive @CllrSBurrell @Simon_langley @TandWCons They don’t expect a Labour councillors to shift the dynamic

RT @SteveBakerHW: Some MPs don’t want Brexit. And they don’t want to respect the Referendum result. And they have a cunning plan. Instead of Parliament being run by the Government you voted for, it would be run instead by a group of self-selected backbenchers More: