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RT @pbergsen: If the frugals insist on there being both grants and loans in the fund there’s an obvious solution: add another €500bn in lending capacity. The frugals can say that only half the fund is “grants” and the southern member states can politely pass on the offer to take up the loans.

RT @TroyRF: I never expected to be confirmed by the @nzlabour Whangaparāoa team and our NZ Council at the dining room table, but there’s a lot we didn’t expect from 2020, eh. There’s so much to do to help NZ recover and rebuild, and I’m really, really glad to have this chance to step up.

RT @CanadaAction: “If you show that 14 year old kid there’s a better future out there... a job, a house, a future, then you’ve done your job (as a leader).” Those activists that are going to stop development in your territory, they do not care about that 14 year old kid. They could care less.”

RT @Be_Herrero: If Spain was “a fascist state”, you certainly would not be allowed to continuously say so. There’s no better proof that you’re lying 😉…

@radeksikorski Not sure what a lesse passe is. There’s a document called a laissez-passer. What is it with Eurofanatics and their poor language skills?

Labour’s insistence on a referendum makes the cross-party talks pointless. If there’s going to be another parliamentary vote, hold it now.

RT @NickyMorgan01: @DanielJHannan is right - if there’s an election & @Conservatives are standing then party members & elected representatives should support our candidates.…

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RT @dlhbdn: asked my dad why he doesn’t just use the microwave to warm the sausage roll but apparently it’s ‘not the same’ and there’s an ‘art to it’ so here we are

RT @BaldwinMatthew_: Fully agree ! Thanks to @rozathun and her dedicated hard work, there’s an important vote coming up in the European Parliament on 21.2. But this #RoadSafety package is being strongly challenged- even tho it will save 25 000 lives in the coming years. A big moment...…

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There’s no place for adulteration in a healthy society as ours. The people are going to reject the ‘Maha Milawat’ taking shape among the Opposition parties.